A Penny For Your Thoughts...

I am sure you are wondering what I mean by the above statement. This is a new segment I am starting on my blog! Did you know that companies love to get feedback? Did you also know that most of the time, they will send you some type of thank you for doing so? I have done this for years, of course we don't do this solely for benefit but I always send my comments, good or bad, because it is important for them to know. Complaints are necessary to them to correct problems, safety reasons and to better their products. Positive comments are always nice to hear! Remember, if you contact a company, please be nice. There is never any reason to be unkind! I thought I would log my contact with companies and what I may or may not get back!
If you choose to send positive or negative feedback to companies, try to save the packaging, they often need lot numbers and such. Also, be specific about what you liked or disliked and what the product is exactly. Giving as much detail as you can is usually needed by them.
Here is an example of a recent critique to Nature Valley. As I LOVE the product, I did find plastic in it. I emailed the company, gave all the requested details and let them know how much I love the Oats and Dark Chocolate granola bars! I did however find a piece of plastic in one. Kind of like plastic "wire" for lack of a better word. I got a phone call right away, the man was very concerned about my safety, asking repeatedly if I was ok, and if I got hurt. He requested even more info on the phone so it was a good thing I still had the box! They sent me 5 coupons for free boxes of their product! That was about a $15 value!

Nature Valley  

Here is a log of emails I have sent, and the links to the company.When I get responses, I will list those as well to let you know what happens!

BudgetSaver  They also have coupons to print. As of Aug 6 2010, no response.