Monday, June 3, 2013

Make It Yourself Monday! DIY Dog Collar

My husband took our new puppy to work with him Friday. We weren't sure how well this was going to go since he is a carpenter. Well everything was fine until the first shot of the nail gun and she tried to get away, breaking her collar. I am so thankful he had her inside the house on the second floor so she couldn't go far because you never know where they will run to.

Since I now had a collar to replace, I looked locally at the collars and just couldn't see buying another one of the plastic breakaway style collars. I know those are for safety and you will have to use your discretion on this, I chose not to buy another because I feel she will continue to break them. She does not go outside unattended so I don't feel like she needs that type of collar anyway. (If you are unaware of what a break away collar is, it is made to come apart easily so your pet can release themselves if they get caught on something.) Not wanting to spend a ton on a collar since she is still growing, I put my thinking cap on! I really wanted leather, and a buckle...that seems pretty secure...hey, why not a belt???? SOOOO... I did a little research and headed down to our local thrift store and picked up a nice women's leather belt, about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Now the tutorial I read went on to tell you how to size it for your dog and cut it to the appropriate length, punch holes into it and attach the tags. I got lucky...all we had to do was put a few holes in and add her tags. The belt wraps twice around her neck and we were able to hook it through both layers! Easy peasy! You can put the holes in if you have a leather punch but my hubby just used his drill, works just fine. I hooked her tags onto a good old key ring ring, not those cheapo ones that would come loose.

You can also use non leather belts. I had seen a picture of a woven military style looking belt with holes in it and that looked really nice on the dog as well! If I can get belts for a quarter, she can wear something different every day! ;)

Now Shealyn has a nice looking new collar that is more secure and she can't break it. That makes me rest easier that she can't get away from us! :)

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