Saturday, July 6, 2013

UPDATE! My No More Rack Dress Set Came!!!!!!!! You Can Get This Deal, Too!

I posted a No More Rack deal recently where you can get a $10 credit to use on anything you would like when you order, even possibly FREE items! Did you take advantage of that? I did and I ordered these beach cover up dresses, after my $10 I got them for $21 including shipping! They just came today and I LOVE them! Even though they are intended for swimsuit covers they are really cute and would be perfect especially if you are in your swimsuit most of the summer but need something quick to throw on and look presentable! I will wear mine as dresses, it gets too hot here! 

UPDATE! I liked them so well I got a second set! (First picture!) I used some credit I had! :)

Get your $10 credit here! :) 

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  1. I got mine and they look shorter than these.I would have likes the longer ones.Love the colors.