Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yonanas Review Frozen Fruit Treat Maker

I was sent a Yonanas machine to try out and do a review on. My daughter was SOOOO excited to receive this item! She eats a ton of fruit and frozen fruit pops which can really be expensive. Now that we have the Yonanas we can make our own frozen fruit treats! Since we don't have a huge choice of fresh fruits right now in PA, I bought some bags of frozen fruit, I had some different berries and peaches. Once my bananas were cheetah spotted as they call it, I was able to peel them and place them in a bag and into the freezer! Once frozen solid you have to let them thaw about 15-20 minutes. Run them through right into a bowl and eat! Bananas aren't my favorite but I even liked this! :) It’s as close as you can possibly get to “guilt-free ice cream” since it’s 100% fruit and even better for you than frozen yogurt etc. Even though the machine was designed for bananas, other fruits will also work, providing a fruit sorbet type dessert. You can mix bananas and other fruit and make your own combos! The Yonanas link I have provided here also lists a bunch (no pun intended ;) of Yonanas recipes for you to try!

Here is more info on Yonanas! You can visit their site, here!

Yonanas is a Dole product (made through a partnership between Dole and the machine’s parent company Healthy Foods, Inc.). For 2014, Dole is continuing their national “Peel the Love” campaign sharing the fun recipe possibilities of bananas with an expanded online and social media program. The highlight of Peel the Love 2014 will be a nationwide tour that travels to select “Top Banana” cities across the country, stopping at retailers and public events to share fun ways to enjoy bananas. More information is available at www.dole.com/peelthelove  and don't forget to check out the Peel The Love Food Truck Tour!

You can buy a Yonanas machine here and get free shipping!

Overall we love this machine, the only drawback is not having unlimited frozen fruit! :)

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