Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Katie Couric Show Tickets!

Katie Couric will begin taping her new show,  Katie Couric LIVE, in front a a studio audience this August starting the 13th, my birthday! You can request FREE tickets!!! You have to be able to get yourself there if you are not a resident. 

Katie will be a live, daily, one-hour show in front of a studio audience in New York City. The show will be as timely and topical as possible, allowing Katie to be herself – to connect with people, enjoy the spontaneous moments of live television, and talk about things that matter most to viewers.Katie will bring her sense of curiosity, humor and interest in “what’s happening now,” while discussing today’s topics, trends and lifestyle issues. The hour-long episodes will be conversational, informative, engaging and fun, with ordinary people and celebrities. Sign up for Show Tickets now! 

Request your FREE tickets: www.katiecouric.com/tickets

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