Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have You Tried These Banana Bars? Use up Those Bananas!

I always seems to have over ripe bananas. I have one kid who likes them green, yuck! I don't love bananas like my kids do and my husband did. He stopped eating them because he would get chest pains. We never did figure that one out but he has been eating these bars...I have been making these banana bars for my family for a few weeks now, we all really like them! I saw this one day on The Chew and decide it would be a bit different from my reg banana bread recipe and it is. Super easy, nothing special really but yummy! I haven't done the powdered sugar top and of course I have not followed the recipe because I am a loser, LOL! I messed it up the first time and still haven't done it by the recipe! 


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