Friday, June 8, 2012

BlankZ Coloring Toy Review/Giveaway!!!! Super Cute For The Kiddos!

I got the opportunity to review a blankZ toy, well actually my daughter is in charge of this one! This toy came before school one day and she could NOT wait to rip into it! I had to hurry and snap a few pics before she got to it! Lol! She got Bare the bear and he is cute as can be! I love these kind of toys that she can color and I can wash and then she can color again! She colored this and did a great job, I wasn't allowed to wash it until today!  It is recommended that you only use the included markers and that they are washable when used correctly. When I washed this today, I didn't give much thought to what I was washing until I saw the marker bleeding into the water. OH NO! My new white sweater was in there! Well, let me tell you, everything came out just fine! Whew! Not a mark on any of the other clothing! Bare came out all nice and clean! My daughter just loves this toy!!!! 

This is her bear, Bare after he got colored! :) He's back to white now...

Want to win one? Here's how! Please enter below in the Rafflecopter widget. Thank you and good luck, this giveaway will run from 12:01 PM EST June 8th to 11:59 PM EST June 25th.


  1. Super excited! My kids would love this! I wish I had a twitter account so I could earn even more entries! Crossing my fingers!

  2. I would love to win this for my little boy!

  3. He is so cute would love to win it!

  4. I would love to give this to my four little ones :)